34 Trawler


The Trawler 34 designed by Yann Chabaud, marks the return of the Rhéa Trawler construction at the Rhea. Marine shipyard in La Rochelle, France. Inherited from all Rhéa’s boat, the Trawler 34 can be safety beached. The robust hull sampling and propeller/rudder protections making it perfectly safe and suitable. The hull of the Trawler 34 benefi ts from all the work done on previous Rhéa Trawler : It offers a reduce wake, fi ne entry and propeller tunnels designed to optimize the performance and reduce consumption. Consume less to navigate more!
For-the-days sailing comfort, luxurius and extraordinary open-space fitting. This «small» trawler of 10 m long renews the range and innovates in many aspects while respecting the classic personality of Rhea. With its elegant lines and under its classic and robust hiker appearance, this unit offers all the necessary comfort for the day sailing or longer cruise..
The Trawler 34 is a really safe boat thanks to its closed transom, its large and symmetrical gangways well protected by high bulwarks. Walking around the deck, getting in and out the boat through side doors on each side of the boat is easy and fully reassuring. Circulation on board is fl uid and facilitated by the two side doors of the wheelhouse. Sliding glass door in the living room, openable kitchen window create a single large indoor / outdoor space, bringing the kitchen to the center of indoor and outdoor living spaces.

  • Length

    10,40 m | 34,12 ft

  • Beam

    3,98 m | 13,06 ft

  • Draft

    3,90 m | 12.80 ft (Fly)

  • Engine

    max 2 x Yanmar 370 HP

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  • LH: 9,96 m | 32,68 ft
  • LOA: 10,40 m | 34,12 ft
  • Beam: 3,98 m | 13,06 ft
  • Weight: 8000 kg
  • Homologation: B
  • Fuel tank: 2 x 440 L | 232 gal
  • Water tank: 400 L | 106 gal
  • Construction: GBP
  • Max speed: 21 Kts
  • Air draft at sea version Flybridge: 3,90 m | 12.80 ft
  • Air draft at sea version Sedan: 3,00 m | 9.84 ft
  • Architect: Yann Chabaud


  • 2 x YANMAR 250 Hp
  • Max RPM (T/Min): 3200
  • Max Speed (Knt): 21
  • Consumption (gal/h): NC
  • Cruising RPM (t/min): 2000
  • Cruising speed (Knt): 8
  • Consumption Cruise (L/h): NC
  • YANMAR 370 Hp
  • Max RPM (T/Min): 3800
  • Max Speed (Knt): 18
  • Consumption (gal/h): NC
  • Cruising RPM (t/min): 2200
  • Cruising speed (Knt): 8
  • Consumption Cruise (L/h): NC


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